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  1. Amazing!! The packaging is a really nice touch and definitely worth it and the liquids are absolutely incredible!! Found my new company!!

  2. I just started vaping and quit smoking. I knew more or less what I was in for vis-a-vis packaging when I ordered from Alice, but I was simply not prepared for the quality of the product and the level of care you so obviously take with your wares. I have to admit I kind of wish you folks were still here in the DC area so I could bring you a plate of cookies or something, but as it is, I sincerely hope you’re making a pile of money doing this and are, more to the point, deliriously happy with what you’re doing because WOW are you ever doing it well. ;)

  3. I really can’t imagine my life without Alice in Vapeland. It’s funny because I’m obsessed with all things Alice and so when someone told me about AiV, I of course had to check it out. That was in September and I spent most of October chasing the portal. Anywho.
    I post weekly to my group’s page, letting other folks know that the portal has opened. I just absolutely adore you guys. And Hannah, doll, every time I’ve ever needed something- you have been right there to answer my q’s. You are an absolute gem. My fellow unicorn. :-) Love you guys millions. So so so blessed to have you guys. Hugs!

  4. I got my sampler in the mail today and while I had read about how Alice has special packaging I was touched and amazed when I opened it up. First off the box is beautifully detailed on the inside top flap. It is hand stamped and further detailed with a blend of blues, purple, aqua, and a touch of pink resembling a watercolor wash. Then inside atop of the colorful packing paper was a personalized note with Alice inviting me to enjoy my juices. Now there are a few more special details but I do not want to ruin the surprise for others. You are just going to have to place your own order to find out! But I was simply tickled with my vapemail. Now to start the sampling! :)

  5. It’s been a while since I ordered from you. I wanted to order the Cupcake City but I don’t see it anymore. Did you stop selling this one? If so, can I special order it? It’s one of my favorites! Thanks bunches! :)

    1. Hi dear Connie! Yes, Cupcake City is no longer part of our main menu but you may indeed special order it! Just choose any flavor in the size and strength you want and ask in the special instructions at checkout that we make it into a Cupcake City for you instead!

  6. I just need to say how amazed I am with this company. Everything is done with such pride and care and I love the personal touch that comes with the package. (I’ve just received my first one today). I’ve tried your juices before and they are exquisite. I can’t imagine ordering anywhere else, especially now that I’ve seen how much thought you put into each box. Thank you so much and keep working your magic! :)

  7. Finally, my first order!!! Always closed :( So very excited to receive my delicious juices!!! I’ve heard they’re amazing! Can’t wait! Thank You so much

  8. Oh my I must say I have been vaping for about a year now and have tried many juice stores but none compare. Your juice is the best. I love your packaging and am collecting the cards. I watch for the mail daily after an order. I just had to give you guys a big shout out. You are by far the best out there. I could go on and on but I won’t. Last but not least , how bout a smooth transition coffee with vanilla maybe a latte? Awwe that
    would be sweet!

  9. I have tons of ideas for new juices. I am at an age where sweets are what I live for. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else is as good as a big bowl of good vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.
    So, a new juice that would be great is, Dark Molasses Ginger Snap. Another would be Toasted marshmallow smores. I think the best would be Rice Crispy Treats. I am in South Louisiana and we love to party and a Hurricane drink that we make is like Hawaiin Punch, with a punch.
    A dark Ginger snap is what I would love to taste the most.
    Cant wait to get my Zombie Apocalypse in as I have been out and had to wait until tonight to order, so I hope they ship quickly.
    Cheers Everyone and Vapeland, keep up the good work.

    1. I’m in northern Louisiana and agree with the hurricane! Maybe call it “floating tears” (alice floating in a bottle in a sea of her own tears) and have that nice punch!

      Also, expect a good week plus for your juices. They put every ounce of love possible into making each order. And don’t be afraid to ask for something custom!

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